April was the perfect fit for our birthing team! Taking her hypnobirthing class made it so easy for me to quickly pick up on her cues during the actual birth and also provided us with the same goals for the birth. It was an amazing feeling to be surrounded by the support I needed in order to calmly give birth the way I had dreamed of. April was also a huge support to my husband and we both agreed that hiring April was one of the very best things we did to prepare for our little girl's birth. April walked in the room full of optimism and provided the continual assurance that we needed throughout the birth. It was obvious that she was in her element and we felt so much peace and confidence in her presence. I would highly recommend April's doula services and hypnobirthing class to any expectant mother that is looking for a peaceful and calm birth.

-Brittany Blackhurst


April was born to do this! I had the best labor and delivery experience of my life with her help. Hypnotherapy works! I stayed pretty zen until transition, by the time I asked for an epidural his head was already out! It was an amazing experience. I had epidurals with my 2 older kids and after experiencing going natural with a doula I would never choose an epidural again. I ate, walked around, bounced on a birthing ball, no catheter. The lights were as dim as I wanted, she massaged my feet with essential oils and helped me through contractions, I listened to relaxing music. She was an advocate for me. She knew my birth plan and asked questions that I wouldn't have even thought to ask. When my son was born I was completely alert, walking around shortly after, no heaviness in my legs, no back pain, no tearing. The ob was blown away and said that I could leave the hospital less than 24 hours later. I was going through a difficult time in my life and it was hands down the best birth experience I have ever had! Like a gift. A doula is irreplaceable! If you want an amazing birth experience take what you were going to spend on an epidural and use it to hire April!

-Sara Smith                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


          I knew I wanted a doula to aid me in my birth experience so when I met April, and found out she was a doula, I knew she would be a perfect fit. Her personality oozes with genuine kindness and concern for those that she comes in contact with. She was always available to help. As a first time mom I tested the limits with texts filled with questions at all hours of the day and night. She was always more than happy to answer my questions and this brought me great peace. I was hesitant to go through hypnobirthing classes, thinking it was a little quirky for my taste. April, in a non-pushy way, suggested that my husband and I to try one class just to see if we liked it. I'm so glad she did! We ended up taking all of the classes and really enjoyed our experience.
                April's mission statement represents perfectly what she did for my husband and I during our birthing experience. April supported us in what our goals were for our birth plan. Unfortunately I had to be induced and had a nurse assigned to me that fought every desire my husband and I had for our son's birth. At one point my husband pleaded with the nurse to comply with our desires and she snapped back at my husband. April, during our most vulnerable time, had our back and was our advocate. She was such an emotional and physical support to us. Within the first hour of pitocin on level 8 I was experiencing some very diffiicult pressure waves. I must have looked bad because I could see on my husband's face that deep concern had set in. When April arrived to our room we both were immediately at ease and were able to think clearly and let fear leave us.  
I would suggest April as a doula to any woman preparing to experience birth. She has the uncanny ability to sweeten the birth experience by somehow taking a back seat and aiding the mother in realizing their own abilities and strengths while simultaneously empowering the father and instilling in them the realization that they are the most important support for their wives during this tender time. My husband and I have already discussed that in the future we will have April with us when the time comes to birth a second child. She far surpassed our expectations and for that we will be forever grateful.

-Ashley Andrew