Doula Services

**I am currently taking 2017 off from "doulary" as I just had our 4th child, a boy! If you would like recommendations for great doulas please feel free to contact me at 

My Services
We will meet for an initial get to know you visit where we can chat, talk about the birth experience you desire, discuss what my role can be in your birth, and find out what we may all have in common. I strongly suggest your partner be there as well as we will be working together and it's important he is comfortable with me as well.  I encourage you to look into several doulas to see who will be your best fit. It's your birth you should have the people around you who make you feel the most comfortable.

Once it has been established that I will be your doula then from that point on feel free to call, text, or email as often as needed to chat about ideas or concerns.

We will then meet about another 2 times to discuss comfort measures, positions during labor, massage, relaxation, music or visualization scripts etc. The purpose of these visits to ensure that we the labor team understand what the desires and goals of the birth might be, and how we can work together to make it happen.

I will be on call for the 3 weeks around the estimated due date.

I can bring a birth ball, music, essential oils, lotion for massages, etc. I also have a birthing pool that I can bring to your home so you can labor in water before you head to your desired place of birthing (hospital, birth center, etc.)

I will bring my DSLR camera to take pictures if you desire during the birth, but especially after so we can get some precious family pictures. (I am not a professional photographer).

I will be with the birthing mother and partner throughout the entire labor and a few hours after the birth.  Throughout labor I will be providing plenty of verbal support, emotional support, informational support and hands on discomfort relieving support. During this time the partner and myself  and any other persons invited to the birth will be working together to accomplish the desires and goals of the birth.

I provide 1-2 postpartum visits depending on the needs and will make sure the Mom feels confident with breastfeeding. I will usually visit within the first two weeks after your baby is born.

I will write your birth story from my perspective and give it to you at our postpartum visit along with a digital copy of all the pictures taken.

As your doula, I am working for you, not your caregiver or hospital.

The total cost for my doula services is $650 within Nampa city limits and $750 for surrounding areas.
If your location is not within those parameters then I charge extra for gas and time.
*There is a $100 discount if you take both my HypnoBirthing classes and hire my doula services. Contact me for details.
**There is also a $100 discount if you are a repeat doula client. Contact me for more details.