I am April Millar. I am a Doula and HypnoBirthing practitioner for IDAHO! specifically Canyon and Ada County and surrounding areas. I love pregnancy, birth, babies, women, and all things related!

I live in Nampa, Idaho with my husband and four littles.
I love tasty food, and it loves me back. I enjoy sewing and beautiful music. I have a love affair with audio books and my joy cannot be contained when in a fine arts museum.

It is my desire to help women have the outcome they desire for the birth of their babies. As your doula I will be your advocate in a time of great vulnerability for you and your partner; I have your back and your desires in mind. Providing physical, emotional, and informational support for you throughout the entire birth process.

I love teaching HypnoBirthing®-Mongan method, the outcomes are absolutely amazing! I honestly believe the best thing you could do for you, your baby, and your ideal birth is impliment HypnoBirthing®. No matter the circumstances, even unexpected circumstances, the results of positive birth expereinces are overwhelming. See more about HypnoBrithing® HERE.


Percentage of my HypnoBirthing® couples reporting:

    NO pain medications or epidural: 85%
    NO episiotomy: 93%
    NO elective medical labor induction: 98%
    NO labor augmentation with pitocin: 93%
    NO c-section: 93%
    Out-of-hospital births (Birth center or Home birth): 30%


Benefits of having a trained Doula

    50% reduction in the cesarean rate
    25% shorter labor
    60% reduction in epidural requests
    40% reduction in oxytocin use
    30% reduction in analgesia use
    40% reduction in forceps delivery